Call for submissions: TRANSITION Trailer 2016

1 July 2016


30 days left to submit – TRANSITION, the International Queer Minorities Film Festival Vienna seeks submissions from creative filmmakers.

TRANSITION is preparing for its next installment. After our dynamic and diverse 2015 festival, we want to involve creative filmmakers from the very beginning in 2016. For the first time, TRANSITION is publicly calling for submissions for its festival trailer. All interested filmmakers are invited to submit their work to the International Queer Minorities Film Festival Vienna. The chosen trailer will be shown in various cinemas in Vienna, starting in September 2016, and before each film screening during the festival week from 10 to 18 November 2016.

Requirements and important criteria

TRANSITION film festival is an event of inclusion, diversity and support for minorities. Your submission should reflect these values. The basic requirement for your participation is an interest in the topics of queer minorities, cultural diversity, internationality and LGBTIQ people and issues. We are looking for a trailer that sends a strong message representing the values of TRANSITION. All filmmakers are invited to send submissions, whether they are only just starting out or have already won several awards. We are looking forward to your fresh, creative and convincing ideas. Submissions should not be longer than 45 seconds; we leave the style and language up to you (but see below for more details).

What does TRANSITION offer in return?

All participants receive two tickets for one screening during the TRANSITION film festival 2016. The top three submissions will be awarded with €100 to €500 (more details below). Additionally, creators of the top three submissions will be able to benefit from the publicity gained during the festival, and be able to communicate their message to the wider public. The chosen trailer will be shown in various cinemas in Vienna, starting in September 2016, and before each film during the festival week from 10 to 18 November 2016. Additionally, it will receive an award at the festival’s opening event, where the trailers ranked second and third will also be shown to the audience.

The panel of judges

The panel of judges consists of experienced festival organizers who have been members of the TRANSITION team for a long time. The panel is headed by TRANSITION festival director Yavuz Kurtulmus.

Key information

  • Submission deadline: 31 July 2016

  • Submission criteria and requirements:

    • Interest in queer minorities, cultural diversity, internationality, LGBTIQ people and issues

    • Creativity, imagination, and a strong message

    • Maximum length: 45 seconds

    • Format: .mov, 2k PRORes HQ

    • no restrictions on style

  • Language: no restrictions;
    however, provide English subtitles if trailer is in German, German subtitles for all other languages

  • Prize money: 1st place: €500, 2nd place: €300, 3rd place: €100

  • Final decision by 15 August 2016

  • Please send submissions and questions to

  • TRANSITION trailer 2015 by Gregor Schmidinger

About TRANSITION and queer minorities in films

Film has always been used as a tool to encourage discussion and create visibility. Both LGBTIQ people and migrants still face significant hurdles in our society. Film as a medium offers the opportunity to address social issues that block the way to equality and acceptance. TRANSITION wants to take its audience on a journey to worlds that they are familiar with or have not explored yet, and talk with confidence about different aspects of queer minorities’ experiences. TRANSITION gives queer films and films by and about minorities a place in mainstream cinema. Our goal is to create a world of mutual understanding and lived diversity for all of us.

TRANSITION, the only film festival in Europe for, about and by queer minorities has been taking place in Vienna since 2012. Known as the International Queer Minorities Film Festival, public attention has grown year on year. Accordingly, the festival has not only developed in content but also in name: since 2015, the festival has been known as TRANSITION, a name that also represents its program, because queer cinema is in transition.

The festival brings exciting feature films, shorts and documentaries from all over the world to the big screen. Besides film screenings, the festival week also offers a variety of events aimed at initiating discussion and the exchange of ideas, including workshops and other events for and with filmmakers and film fans.